Questions & Answers

Why did the Pro App go away?

Contrary to appearances (as described in the next section), the Pro version of the app didn't "go away" for those of you who have purchased it. All of the code and functionality that existed in the pro version is still there in the "Free" version, except that the "Pro" features need to be unlocked by also having the Pro version installed.
I recently removed the Pro version from the Play Store to encourage everyone to move to the Web app. If you previously purchased OB Wheel Pro it should still show up for you in the Play store even if you uninstall it.

What's going to happen to the Android app?

If you would like to continue using the Android app, you are free to do so. There will not be any more feature updates for the currently existing OB Wheel app. I am still publishing updates for bug fixes at least for now. The free version of the OB Wheel app will remain on the Play store until it is removed by Google for being too obsolete. (Several of my other apps were removed by Google for "violating" their updated policies, so this is likely to happen in the future.)

The Android version was working fine. Why did you make a web version?

I took a break from programming several years ago and since that time the Android system and the API (Application Programming Interface) had gone through some significant changes. This broke some of the code in the Android app which forced me to spend a lot of time fixing the bugs and issues. (Some of you experienced the effects of this -- Sorry again!) Google also made other changes to their Store policy that caused some of my other apps to break as well.
While there is no way to avoid code from becoming obsolete, I wanted to get out of underneath Google's thumb so that I wouldn't be subjected to more future changes that would break my apps.
Developing the web app allows me to be fully in control of every aspect of the application without having to update my app every couple years to comply with Google's new restrictions.

I already bought the Pro version on Android. Why do I need to pay again?

If you bought the OB Wheel Pro version on Android please contact me to get a discount code you can apply to any subscription, or get the ad-free plan (OB Wheel Gold) for free.

Why do I have to pay monthly? I only needed to pay once for the Android version.

The Patient List feature was redesigned for the web app version, and some of the functions require information exchange with the server. By purchasing a monthly subscription you would be supporting me as a developer, and some of the revenue would go towards the costs of maintaining the web server and hosting space.

Why is the web app better?

A couple features were added to the web version that the Android app does not have. I am also looking into adding encrypted local storage, and secure network backups so that your data can remain safe even if you lose your device or erase your data.
Also coming soon are translations for Gold level and above. Hit the Notification button to stay tuned!

Does the web app version have a Patient List feature?

YES! It's available with the monthly subscription plan. Right now it only saves the list to the browser's local storage. The list remains in the storage even if you close or quit your browser, or restart your device. LOGGING OUT DOES NOT REMOVE THE DATA!
**IMPORTANT**: If you clear your browser cache or uninstall the browser, your saved data will be removed as well. I am working on setting up secure backup to the cloud so that the app can be used from anywhere, and data can be retrieved even if the app gets uninstalled.
ALSO: Please note that there is no encryption on the data at this time, and anyone that has access to the browser will potentially be able to view it. DO NOT use this on a public computer.

I have patients saved on the Android app. How do I transfer them?

In the Android app, go to your patient list and select "Export data". This will save your current patient list in a file inside your download folder. Return to the Patients page on the web-app and select "Import" from the floating button in the bottom right corner. Locate the previously exported file and the patients should appear in a list. You may select individual patients to import, or import everything at once.